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CMI-Quaker History

Quaker Alloy was founded by Leroy Miller, James Blauch, John Juppenlatz, and Richard Miller Sr. in 1954, and instantly became a leader in the sand casting industry

Quaker Alloy grew to have over 1300 employees and pour 7000 tons of steel annually in Myerstown, PA. Leroy and Richard Sr. sold off the business to Harsco Corporation in 1969. Richard Miller Sr. son (Richard Miller Jr) became actively involved in the business in 1973 as a controller and eventually started an investment cast division for Harsco in 1977. The first production heat was poured from the investment cast division on March 27, 1978.

Quaker Alloy Casting Company and its investment casting facilities were purchased on April, 1986 by CMI International, Inc., and later became a subsidiary to CMI International, Inc. in March 1988, under the ownership of Ray Witt.

On June 1, 1989, the sand/shell foundry was renamed to CMI-Quaker Alloy, Inc. and the investment cast foundry was renamed to CMI-Quaker Investment, Inc., each independently responsible as subsidiaries of CMI International, Inc.

In 1996, once again CMI-Quaker Investment, Inc was renamed to CMI-Tech Cast, Inc., the foundry continued to operate under this entity until 1999, at which time the business was renamed Tech Cast, Inc. Ray Witt continued to own and operate the business until March of 2010, at which time the business was sold off to Ascalon, which still owns and operates Tech Cast, LLC today.