Tech Cast Announces Operations Manager

MYERSTOWN, PA (May 2017) – Tech Cast, LLC, an investment casting leader is pleased to announce Todd Eckert as Operations Manager, effective immediately.

MTodd has been in the metals industry for over 30 years, prior to joining Tech Cast, he was with Carpenter Technology with responsibilities ranging from area manager up to an including general manager for several Carpenter sites throughout PA. Todd has a broad background of manufacturing practices and processes, and has held several key leadership positions throughout his career

“As the leader of the foundry operations team, Todd will be instrumental in improving schedule management activities, and the optimization of foundry operations and productivity to insure the high level of quality, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with Todd, and will draw from his years of manufacturing experience to help drive operational improvements throughout our production facility and welcome him to our leadership team, said Shawn McKinney, President of Tech Cast.

Using Additive Manufacturing to produce Rapid Prototypes through Investment Castings

It’s a problem every buyer dreads - engineering or production needs a single piece, or maybe just a few, of a part that has not been tooled, tested, or approved for production. They need it in a few weeks, the budget does not allow for large tooling expenditures, and waiting months for tooling to be built, samples produced and final approval is not an option. Until recently, there was no solution that would meet everyone’s needs - but thanks to recent developments in additive manufacturing, and collaboration with investment casting foundries, help is on it’s way. Tech Cast would like to present the following cast study as a perfect example of how you can use this exciting fusion of new and older technology today.

Finding the optimum design for pump impellers is critical to making the most efficient, powerful and effective pumps no matter what the application or the market. However traditionally it has been difficult to design and accurately predict how the actual, physical part will perform with so many complex components playing a role. In the past this was accomplished by building a tool, making samples, testing it, and then either making expensive alterations to the existing tool or building a whole new die - all at considerable time and cost. All too often this has resulted in an incomplete development process, with the customer choosing a “good enough” design rather than an “optimized” design.


Tech Cast Announces Director of Sales

MYERSTOWN, PA (May 2017) – Tech Cast, LLC, an investment casting leader is pleased to announce Matthew Mull as Director of Sales, effective immediately.

Matthew Mull has been in the metals industry for over 20 years. Prior to joining Tech Cast, he was with Unicast Company.

M. Mull is highly experienced in regards to complete foundry operations and comes with expertise in managing projects with special requirements, with both domestic and international customers.

As part of the management team, he will be responsible for management and training of sales representatives and new market development.

M. Mull holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, and is currently pursuing an MBA.

“Matthew’s successful foundry, manufacturing, and sales experience will be important as we expand into new markets. We look forward to his contributions and welcome him to the leadership team,” said Shawn McKinney, President, Tech Cast.

Impeller Cast Using SLA-Printed Patterns

Tech Cast, LLC, an investment casting leader in the production of SLA Rapid Prototypes, recently engineered a 500 lb casting – in less than six weeks.

SLA technology enables Tech Cast to manufacture investment castings in as little as few weeks – without expensive tooling that typically has a long lead time. The SLA process provides the design engineer the necessary tools, freedom and flexibility to develop new products/designs directly from a 3D CAD model to an end use investment casting in matter of weeks. Tech Cast has been successfully making casting with this process for years and is pleased to produce its largest and heaviest casting today, with this method.

According to Shawn McKinney, General Manager for Tech Cast, "Reducing tooling costs along with time to market is a key consideration in this industry – especially when dealing with single production runs. We are pleased to have accomplished such a complex casting using these tools." 

"Our customer saved thousands in tooling costs, and quickly had a casting up and running in a critical application. Companies turn to Tech Cast for our world-class investment casting engineering and resources," added McKinney.