For R&D, part repairs, reverse engineers, low production quantities
Tech Cast can meet all of your SLA Rapid Prototype requirements

Tech Cast is a leader in the investment casting industry producing large SLA Rapid Prototypes to support a broad landscape of industries such as multi-stage pumps for oil & gas, critical shipboard applications for the military, etc. This SLA technology enables Tech Cast to direct manufacture investment castings in as little as a few weeks, and eliminate the need to invest capital money in expensive, long lead-time tooling. This SLA process provides the design engineer the necessary tools, freedom, and flexibility to develop new products/designs directly from a 3D CAD model to an end-use investment casting in a matter of weeks.  

Concept to Casting
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  • Direct manufacturing
  • No hard tooling required
  • No capital investment required
  • Reduced lead time of less than 4 weeks in many cases
  • Short production runs
  • Reverse engineering
  • Reduce number of design iterations
  • Geometry flexibility is virtually limitless
  • Reduced R&D expense

Our capabilities include large precision engineered Rapid Prototypes up to 350 lbs.
Below is an illustration of the process. 

Concept to Casting

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Step 1:
Develop 3D CAD Model


Step 2:
Build SLA Pattern

PHOTO: Build SLA Pattern


Step 3:
Setup/Gate the SLA Pattern

PHOTO: Setup/Gate the SLA Pattern


Step 4:
Invest the SLA Pattern in Ceramic Slurry

PHOTO: Invest the SLA Pattern in Ceramic Slurry


Step 5:
Burn-out/Pour SLA Pattern

PHOTO: Burnout/Pour SLA Pattern


Step 6:
Cut-off/Finish Casting

PHOTO: Cutoff/Finish Casting


Step 7:
Final Machine Casting

PHOTO: Final Machine Casting

254 lb finished machined diffuser -
cast using SLA rapid prototype technology.